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Summer Camp 2020 Infant to Primary

At MMS we strive to be the BEST throughout our academic year, and during our summer programs too

Welcome to our Summer Camp: Exploration

We have a host of exciting activities planned in our indoor and outdoor environments! We have a host of exciting activities planned that will connect the work your child does indoors with natural Montessori extensions to the outdoors.

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Session 1: Camping – June 1 – June 12

Come join our day camp, and experience the safari camp lifestyle. We will create an outdoor camp setting for group activities, and students can practice pitching a tent and working on a variety of safari-style activities in the outdoors.

Session 2: Art – June 15 – June 26

Exploring Art through foundation skills supports successful creativity at any age. This week your child will experience a range of different mediums, including nature printing, collage, paint, and sun-prints.

Session 3: Sports – June 29 – July 10

Learn the skills, play games, have fun in a friendly, encouraging way. Building skills, taking turns, and being supportive of team members while stretching their large muscle group is so necessary for this age group with their boundless energy!

Session 4: Gardening – July 13 – July 24

Your child will move f rye on their indoor sensorial and language experiences of landforms, oceans, clouds, lakes, plants, and all living things in their immediate environment to “hands in the soil” experiences in planting our butterfly garden area, and beyond. Let’s make sure the butterflies keep coming back!



Summer Camp 2020 Elementary

“When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him. Let us take the child out to show him real things instead of making objects which represent ideas and closing them up in cupboards” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Montessori was an early proponent of experiential learning and considered the outdoor environment a natural extension of the classroom. The Montessori connection makes sense: Contact with nature affords opportunities for rich sensorial experiences, a vital element of Montessori learning. It also supports the whole child—body, mind, and soul—and promotes respect for all living things.
Come join Ms. Carol-Ann for Elementary summer camp, and let’s continue taking our indoor learning outdoors! Choose one week, or four-we have so
much more to explore!

Week 1: Hiking and Camping – June 1 – June 5

Time to put some of your skills to the test! How do you pitch a tent, and where might you choose to do this? What might you need to take with you? No phone? That’s fine – you’ll learn how to use a compass and a map! What kind of shelters can you make? Who’s watching the weather? How do you know if stream water is safe to drink? What animals visit “our Wilds, and the stream”? What living organisms does the stream have? There are so many questions for us to explore. Come to camp week, and discover some of the answers!

Week 2: Art – June 8 – June 12

Come follow our chosen artists as they ‘travel the world’ and paint some famous world landmarks! We’ll explore virtual galleries daily to study their artistic style, and use a range of techniques and mediums (paint, sketch, sculpt, collage and printing) to create original masterpieces too. Summer Camp is a great opportunity to work on artistic endeavors for extended periods of time, as we can leave “works-in-progress” out each day. We’re hoping this week will culminate in a minor exhibition of our work!

Week 3: Sports Camp- June 15 – June 19

Come and explore, learn rules, and challenge yourselves in playing a range of sports and games from another culture, the past, and the present day. Students will take part in activities that demonstrate how to achieve and maintain a healthy level of fitness through a physically active lifestyle. Everybody has an equal opportunity to experience all facets of any game. The combination of individual skill building and team cooperation is sure to be a satisfying experience for all!

Week 4: Community Garden- June 22 – June 26

Summer camp gardening week is a chance for your child to experience the seasonal needs and care necessary for our community garden each summer day. With gardening clothes, rain boots, and sunhat on, your child will have opportunities to discover the interconnectedness of our biome and come to understand our responsibility in maintaining this balance. Our young Ecologists will explore layers and composition of the soil, our temperate forest, decomposers, Earth science cycle charts, and Food webs in our biome. Of course, we’ll have time to find a “sit spot” too, and watch the garden grow!

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