At Milton Montessori, we believe a healthy mind and body is conducive to effective learning. We have an in-house chef in our staff who prepares fresh, healthy and tasty meals daily for students. Lunch is prepared in our own kitchen with natural ingredients at the highest standards of cleanliness. One of our motivations to streamline the lunch program (lunch cost included with tuition)is that we have observed children do much better when they sit together and eat from the same menu. In addition, it broadens their range of food choices beyond what they eat at home. We gladly accommodate certain meal preferences (vegan, vegetarian, allergies, etc.) so it’s tailor made for your child. There are also a couple of opportunities through the course of the year when parents will be invited to taste sample dishes from our lunch so we can refine our menu based on your feedback.

Please use the widget below for more details of our lunch dishes. NOTE: While the specific menu could change weekly, we hope this will offer you some insight on the high-quality ingredients and standards of our preparation. Below images are sample only. Feel free to contact our staff with any questions or concerns you have.