Primary Curriculum


Within the Primary classrooms, you will find students from three to six years of age working in five areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Cultural. This mixed age group environment is thoughtfully prepared and lends itself to peaceful exploration and discovery. Maria Montessori considered this Primary age the “sensitive period” for a child, and our experienced guides provide a beautiful, calm and welcoming environment for exploration and learning.

Practical Life:

At MMS, our Practical Life area is an inviting welcome to our young Primary students. Our Primary guides have created a Practical Life environment rich with work that builds concentration, strengthens motor development, and it further develops independence. Within this area students will learn Care of Self, Care of Others, Care of the Environment, Control of Movement and Grace and Courtesy.


Our Primary classrooms offer an expansive Sensorial area that is a gift for the senses. In this area of the room, students will learn to use their senses to classify and organize their work. Geometry is introduced in the Sensorial area, and you will find students spend a great deal of time studying and comparing differences in the work as they explore.


At MMS, our students will develop skills in spoken language, reading and writing. Our MMS guides have a tremendous amount of materials for the student to utilize, as they learn phonetically. Within the individualized curriculum, students proceed at their own pace. It is not uncommon to find our older students reading to our younger students.


As with all areas of the Montessori classroom, this area moves from concrete (hands on) materials to abstract. Our MMS Primary guides will guide the students through lessons in quantity, sequence, decimal system and mathematical operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Use of the concrete Montessori materials builds a strong understanding of mathematics concepts that will aid in the later development of abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills.


This area of the classroom is rich with lessons in geography, botany and zoology. These lessons develop the child’s understanding of both the physical and cultural world. Our large outdoor classroom provides an extension of this area of the classroom, and you may find our Primary students on a nature walk or exploring our garden.