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Milton Montessori School – Cumming, GA

Welcome to Milton Montessori School at Kelly Mill

Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary

Welcome to Milton Montessori at Kelly Mill. My name is Ms. Suheir Ibrahim and I am Head of School at this location.

I believe a school is only as good as its community and I trust that by working together we can provide the best learning environment for our most important stakeholders: the children!

My vision for our school is to provide an environment where children feel safe to learn, and make mistakes. A place where the emphasis is placed on the whole child, with ample opportunity for academic growth. We strive to create a community of inclusiveness where every child feels welcomed, accepted, and loved. We believe that children learn best when they know they won’t be judged and that they can trust their caregiver; be it a parent, a family friend, or a teacher.

In the Montessori classroom, children learn problem solving, analytical thinking, conflict resolution, teamwork, and compromise. They also learn to respect individual work and the personal space of others. We aim to help children by giving them the tools needed to learn these soft skills, through their interactions with their Guide, their peers, and their environment.

Through exploration and manipulation of the materials at their own pace, children learn how things work and why they get the results they do. In the words of Maria Montessori: “The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence”. Children will learn through hands on experiences and exploration. They are given the freedom to navigate the classroom and work with carefully selected materials and previously introduced lessons. Movement in a Montessori classroom is purposeful and productive.

I have been in the Montessori classroom for over fourteen years with children ranging from fifteen months to eleven years old, raising four children of my own, my oldest being 28, volunteering at my children’s schools and as a Sunday school teacher for teenagers. I learned that what all children have in common regardless of age, gender or background is their need to feel accepted and valued. They want to feel acknowledged, respected and that their opinions and input matter. They want to belong.

Our mission is to help raise a generation of children that have a positive attitude and outlook towards life, children with the strong work ethic and good communication skills, children that are confident in their abilities and also empathetic to others’ needs. We want to instill in children the love for learning!

Your child deserves the best and I invite you to schedule a school tour with us and observe how we can guide your child to develop a strong foundation as they begin to understand the world around them.

Ms. Suheir Ibrahim
Head of  School

Hello, My name is Ms. Debbie Bradford and I am the Director of Education for Milton Montessori School at Kelly Mill (Cumming, GA) & Bethany Bend (Milton, GA). I began my career in the Montessori classrooms where I taught in toddler, primary and lower elementary classrooms. With over 15 years of experience in teaching and 5 years in administration in the role of Director / Head of School, I truly believe in the Montessori way of education in its benefits for all children. At my previous position as the Director of a local Montessori school, I assisted with the successful launch of their Montessori International Baccalaureate Middle School & High School.

I am passionate about the “individual” approach Montessori offers to each child and believe all children should be celebrated for who they are and who they were created to become in life. I am committed about creating a culture of shared values and respect for all students and staff, a culture where diversity is celebrated and shared with pride. Children must be able to connect to their imagination and use their creativity to think “outside the box”. Allowing children to learn skills in school such as empathy and compassion are important Emotional Intelligence skills. A child’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) is as important as their IQ (Intelligence Quotient). Montessori materials and lessons meld together with public school curriculum while allowing the child the opportunity for concrete and abstract learning. The curriculum can be tailored to each child at every level. The multi-age classrooms allow children’s needs to be met socially, emotionally and academically. Children are encouraged to take an active part in their own learning. Critical thinking skills are imperative to future success. Independence and pride in a job well done are important skills that Montessori teaches every child. Failure is a natural part of life and allowing children to make mistakes and learn from them is important in building tenacity and inner strength within each child. A teacher that is taught to stand back and observe the child allows this to happen naturally. Debbie is passionate about classroom management, lesson presentations, and curriculum support.

My favorite quotes of Maria Montessori that signifies the method of effective early education are:
“The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give his full potential.”
“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Ms. Debbie Bradford
Director of Education

Programs offered at this location

  • Infant Curriculum


    • Our infant program nurtures the sense of trust and security in each child. Trust and security is developed in an environment where people respond attentively to the infants needs to be loved and accepted.
  • Toddler Curriculum


    Our classrooms are designed to meet the independent and curious nature of toddler, allowing them to freely explore in a beautiful and safe environment.

  • Primary Curriculum


    In our Primary classrooms, children learn by doing. The prepared environment is rich with materials that build and strengthen: independence, order and concentration. The Primary students work at an individual pace moving from concrete to abstract work.

  • Elementary Curriculum


    Our elementary program is a mixed age community of first through sixth grade children. This thoughtfully prepared environment has been created with purpose to nurture curiosity and encourage independent learning.


My daughter loves it here!! She only started in October and I can see a world of difference in her. The teachers are amazing and they do an amazing job teaching and getting her excited to learn. Everyday she is excited to go to “teacher Anu house” as she refers to school.
– Amisha Wilson


A Better Fit – My son is 4 and is very academically advanced. At his previous church preschool program, his having a “good day” was based on how well he sat. He had to sit for circle time, story time, chapel, lunch…it was too much! Now he has the freedom to work in his own way and his strengths academically are not only appreciated, but are encouraged. His teacher is kind, patient, passionate, and bright. It is such a relief to know my son is in a school that cares about him! He is noticeably happier.
– review


Milton Montessori Rocks!! – Enrolling our little one in Milton Montessori School has by far been our best decision ever. She has been attending this school for the past 4 months and our experience has been great till date. My daughter looks forward to go to school each day and this explains the love and care provided by the teachers. Her social skills have improved drastically and she has been learning a whole lot every single day. She loves her class teacher Ms. Nadia and is learning a lot of new stuff under her guidance. The assistant teachers Ms. Neelima and Ms. Alisha are extremely caring and do a great job. The entire staff is amazing and always approachable. Milton Montessori school is like a second family to us. We would highly recommend this school to anyone and are glad to be a part of the MMS family.
– review


Amazing teachers!! – I love this school! The teachers are so warm and nurturing, yet really do provide a structure of gentle discipline and learning. My son is incredibly shy, but has really come out of his shell and blossomed since starting here. I knew the transition would be difficult, given that he had never been to daycare or school before. While he cried the first few times when I dropped him off (as I expected), his teachers took this on and gave him extra guidance and support and now he actually looks forward to school! Ms. Nadia is his teacher and is absolutely wonderful, but in addition ALL of the teachers and teaching-assistants are fantastic. Plan on enrolling my daughter soon too, and looking for many more great years to come!
– review

Really good preschool – My son has been going to Milton Montessori for 2 years. His reading skills are impressive and way beyond his age. This happened without much intervention from us as parents, so I attribute it to the teachers there. Also a very safe environment, my son never had a bad day and the staff are very polite, flexible and understanding.
– review


Best School in Town – This is absolutely the best school around. The teachers take a vested interest in each individual childs style of learning and pace of learning. They inspire curiousity and self-driven desire to learn. My kids have just grown leaps and bounds while at this school and the amount of information they know is amazing. I could not be any more pleased with the school and with the new building coming it is showing years to come of great education for my girls. The Wilsons love you all at Milton Montessori!!!!
– review


I am originally from Maryland and moved into the Atlanta area about 2 years ago. Having a big family and support system back home, one of my biggest concerns with work relocation was to find a good preschool to take care of my two children (ages 2 & 4). Milton Montessori was recommended by a colleague who had sent his child to this school some years earlier. He specifically mentioned about Ms. Anu and her amazing ability to bond with children. I did not spend much time touring other schools and enrolled both my kids at this school. The older one was with Ms. Nisha (primary) and younger one was with Ms. Anu (toddler).
The biggest strength of this school is the genuine care and close knit culture shared between teachers, children and parents. Montessori has a unique approach which I was not completely sold into initially but am now observing the creativity and independent thinking it fosters especially with my older child. The staff has been responsive to concerns or special requests I have had periodically. Ms. Anu was an outstanding teacher to my younger child and was instrumental in her development. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to provide a strong foundation and ability to grasp concepts in math, science and learning in general.
– Alex Warner


This school is amazing!! The teachers are qualified, many have master degrees in education. My son loves it and I can tell how much he is learning. Also, I transitioned my son from Kids R Kids, so I was able to tell the difference in a matter of two months or so. So glad I found it!!
– Elina B.

Cumming Location Lunch

Our families for our Cumming location are required to provide lunch for their children.

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Milton Montessori School at Kelly Mill
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