Montessori Activities for President’s Day

Montessori Activities for President’s Day
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Montessori Activities for President’s Day

President’s Day is right around the corner (February 16th), and now is the time to start planning Montessori-inspired activities for your children to do during the day. These activities can get your children involved all while learning about the Presidents of the United States. Here are a few of our favorite activities:

  • Presidential Timeline: This will not only teach your children the order of presidents but it will also give them hands-on experience creating a timeline. First have your child trace 44 stars on red, white, and blue paper and then cut the stars out (or you can use pre-cut stars if you have a little one). Then have them glue the president’s faces to the stars. Next, have them put the presidents in chronological order from very first president to the current president.
  • Outline of a President’s life: We like this example of Abraham Lincoln’s life from Little Wonder Days. You can choose any president to do this with however, we like using Lincoln because he is also involved in a few other activities we have listed.
  • Lincoln’s Log Cabin: Let your child explore their creative side by having them build President Lincoln’s Log Cabin using Lincoln Logs. Your children might be surprised to learn that Lincoln Logs were named after President Lincoln.
  • Build Monuments: Using play doh, let your child create the American flag or replicate some of the national monuments. You can print out pictures for them to reference and you can also take this time to teach them about each of the monuments and show them where on the map each is located.
  • Spelling with a salt (or sand) tray: Pour either sand or salt into a small tray and have your child practice drawing letters. You can even have them spell words (like president) or past president’s names.
  • Coin Sort: Print out images of George Washington and Abe Lincoln and set them next to each other. Then have your child sort pennies and quarters and match the face on the coin to the pictures of each president’s face.

Living Montessori Now has quite a few Presidents’ Day inspired free printables to utilize. It is very important to ensure your children stay engaged inside and outside of the classroom. These fun and easy Montessori activities are sure to keep them learning. If you have any questions about Montessori education or the Montessori method, contact us today at Milton Montessori School. Our Montessori preschool and daycare services conveniently serve children in Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, and John’s Creek.

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