Montessori Activities to Keep Your Children Engaged this Holiday Break

Montessori Activities to Keep Your Children Engaged this Holiday Break
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Montessori Activities to Keep Your Children Engaged this Holiday Break

It’s natural for your children to be very excited around the holidays, but it is important that during the holiday break your child doesn’t get totally derailed from his or her progress, learning, and routine. There are many fun Montessori inspired activities your children can take part in during the holiday break to keep them learning and having fun outside of the classroom.

The Montessori method is based on a specific curriculum that includes practical life, sensory, math, language, history, music, art, etc. There are many activities you can set up for your children at home to keep them engaged. Here are a few of our favorite Montessori activities to set up for your kids this winter break:

  1. Gingerbread House: This hands-on activity is sure to keep your little ones entertained. You can start by either baking the separate parts of a gingerbread house or buying a gingerbread house kit. Assist your children as they put the house together and decorate the house with different candies. Go over the different textures and colors of the candy as they stick it on to their house. You can even flavor the icing in different flavors and they can guess which flavor is associated with which candy.
  2. Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornaments: Start with ¾ cup of Applesauce and 4oz of cinnamon. Have your children mix the ingredients together in a bowl then roll out the dough. Have several different shape holiday ornaments available and let your children choose which to use. After they cut out all of the ornaments, make a small hole at the top of the ornament. Bake at 200 degrees for 2 ½ hours, then string a ribbon through the hole and hang on your tree.
  3. Reindeer Counting Game: Start with 10 pieces of paper and number them 1-10 (if your children are old enough, have them write out the numbers 1-10 for practice). Then let your children lay out the number of reindeer that is represented in each piece of paper. This is a fun counting game that keeps children engaged while learning to count and recognize different numbers.
  4. Cinnamon Scented Gingerbread Man: Start with sandpaper, pompoms, and a cinnamon stick. Start by cutting out the shape of a gingerbread man out of the sand paper. Let your children feel the rough texture of the sandpaper and compare it to the soft pompoms and cinnamon stick. Then let them scratch the sandpaper with the cinnamon stick – this will make the sandpaper cinnamon scented. After they are done, they can glue on the pompoms to make a face and buttons on the gingerbread man’s shirt. This sensory activity is fun and will leave your house smelling great!
  5. Sensory Sorting: Start by choosing three flavors (we suggest peppermint, cinnamon, and chocolate) and pick 4 items for each flavor and put them in a basket together. Have your children sort the items by smell, taste, touch, and look. This will out their senses to the test all while having fun!

Here at Milton Montessori School, we understand the importance of learning and know it goes beyond the classroom. There are so many fun Montessori activities your children can take part in at home. For more information on our Montessori school or the Montessori method, contact us today!

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