Implementing the Montessori Method at Home

Implementing the Montessori Method at Home
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Implementing the Montessori Method at Home

It is very important for your child’s developing brain to continue to learn and experience new things, especially after they have left school for the day. Montessori school promotes your child’s independence and growth while they are in the classroom, but it is important this continues while they are at home.

Here are several ways you can implement the Montessori method at home: 

  1. First and foremost learn your child’s unique interests. Whether it is art, music, or gardening. Be sure to observe your child so you can learn what they spend most of their free time doing and the honor those interests. For example, if they lean towards art, set up an area of your home where they can be free to paint or draw. You can also set up an area for them to hang their artwork so they can feel proud of what they have created!
  2. Give your child as many hands on learning experiences as you can. A fun way you can implement this is to allow your child to help cook dinner (when it is safe). Making homemade pizza is a great way to involve your children, for example, because they can roll out the dough and add all of the toppings they love. Giving them this freedom will be fun for you and for them!
  3. Allow your child to freely explore indoors and outdoors, while keeping an eye on them. Let them plant a little garden in the backyard, or build a fort inside. Encouraging your child to be independent at home will help tremendously with their Montessori education and growth.
  4. Keep your child’s environment organized and attractive. An orderly environment assists your child’s mental development while getting them in the habit of staying organized. Organization skills will help your child flourish as they grow up.

Here at Milton Montessori, we want to make sure your child can grow and develop into an independent individual. Our curriculum allows your child to learn and grow, while having fun. Contact us today for more information on Montessori education or the Montessori method.


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