Helping your Child Choose New Years Resolutions

Helping your Child Choose New Years Resolutions
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Helping your Child Choose New Years Resolutions


2015 is right around the corner and there is no better time than now to help your child set New Years Resolutions. The resolutions that your children make will set them up for a successful 2015. There are many fun ways to involve your children in the process of choosing resolutions that will help them grow and learn new things.

Creating a Resolution Flower is a fun way to engage your child and teach them about New Years Resolutions. Start by creating a flower out of a paper plate or piece of construction paper. Make sure the flower has 5 petals. Then help your child glue their picture to the center of the flower and color each of the petals a different color. Next ask them to come up with five resolutions for 2015 for the following:

  • Learn – Something new they would like to learn in 2015. For example, this can be a new language, a new sport, or learning to play a new instrument.
  • Help – A chore they will take care of every day in 2015. This will be something they are responsible for doing every day. For example, setting the table or walking the dog.
  • Do – Something new they would like to do in 2015. This could be something as easy as read a new book every week or help you cook dinner.
  • Try – Something new they would like to try in 2015. This can be anything from trying a new food to trying to ride a bike.
  • Go – A place they would like to go in 2015. This doesn’t have to be a location they would like to go, it could be going to a new school or going to visit grandparents more. The possibilities are endless.

We suggest displaying these flowers somewhere your child will see it every day (on the refrigerator for example). This will ensure they will remember their resolutions that they made.

As a parent, it is important to implement the Montessori method at home and with the resolutions above, you will be able to do just that. Here at Milton Montessori School we want your children to learn new things and explore all of the different aspects of every day life. If you’re interested in Montessori education for your child, contact us today for more information.

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