The Four Areas of a Montessori School

The Four Areas of a Montessori School
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The Four Areas of a Montessori School

When you are considering a preschool for your child, touring the Montessori schools in your area is a great option as well. Typically in a Montessori school, one multi-age classroom will be divided into four smaller areas: math, language, sensorial and practical life. Outdoor environments often play a big role in these schools as well. The teacher/child ratio is one of the thing that really sets Montessori schools apart.

  1. Math: Montessori students will learn mathematics through discovery as opposed to relying on memorizing with math facts and flash cards. For example, they will count beads and other objects and then move from these concrete techniques to abstract concepts such as numerals, which is definitely helpful and beneficial for the majority of children. Children will grow to understand the concepts of mathematics in a more comprehensive way when they interact with the environment as opposed to just memorizing information.
  2. Language: Children will be exposed to books, vocabulary cards and other objects as a way to expose them to language. Children will trace sandpaper letters so that they can learn alphabet sounds through touch as well as visually. They are able to build sounds in a better way using this multi-sensory approach to reading and learning words. In order to move towards being able to write, they trace letters as well as shapes with pencils.
  3. Sensorial: This area of the classroom focuses on the fact that children will learn better through using their senses. They will learn concepts like large to small, wide to narrow, and also color matching with the help of hands-on activities. The children will shake sound cylinders to match sounds, touch tablets to establish rough and soft textures, and activities that help children match scents with such things as scented candles.
  4. Practical Life: The foundation for other academic learning is included in the practical life area of the Montessori school classroom. In this area, the activities focus on developing independence, coordination and also a respect and love for the environment. There are dishes to wash, housekeeping tools like brooms and dustpans, and pitchers to pour liquid from. Children are encouraged to gain independence, which builds confidence and teaches valuable skills.

These four areas are just some of the reasons the Montessori system works so well for so many children. If you are looking for a great Montessori school in the metro Atlanta area, Milton Montessori is a great place to look. Our school is located in the Alpharetta area and features many excellent teachers and resources for your child. Contact us for more information about our Montessori school.

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