Create a Montessori Environment in Each Room of Your Home

Create a Montessori Environment in Each Room of Your Home
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Create a Montessori Environment in Each Room of Your Home

Do you want to prepare your home environment to facilitate and support your child’s natural urge to be independent? There are several ways you can arrange your home to encourage this sense of independence. Two key ideas that can help achieve this result are simplification of materials and the idea that “everything has a place, and everything should be in its place.” The latter is especially important for your child to learn how to maintain order in the home. The following are suggested ways to organize each room of your home to be a welcoming and stimulating environment for your young child.

Your Child’s Bedroom

  • Create a chart or laminated cards that outline your child’s steps to get ready in the morning. This will establish a clear routine for your child and help them to anticipate what comes next in their morning.
  • Organize only seasonally appropriate clothing by type on shelves or in drawers that are at a low enough level to be accessible to your child.
  • Less is more! By having only a few options available in each bin, and only those items that are appropriate for the weather, your child will feel successful in making a good choice each day.
  • A calendar where you can cross off the days and add activities.
  • A reading corner with a soft seat, rug, books, and a light.


  • Have a step stool available for your child that allows him to reach the kitchen sink.
  • Provide child sized kitchen tools and show your child how to use them safely
  • Use child sized plates, glasses, and metal utensils.
  • Hang hooks for kitchen clean up tools including a washcloth, a broom, a dustpan and brush

Living Room

  • On your coffee table, place three items and general board games for the family.
  • On a low shelf or low shelf of a bookcase, provide manipulative toys and art materials.
  • Provide a child’s workspace with a table and chair.

Tips for Toys and Activities

  • Provide purposeful and age appropriate toys that naturally stimulate learning. Minimize toys that will not sustain your child’s interest.
  • Look for toys that are well constructed, beautiful, simple, multi-use, and promote exploration; look for toys that are open-ended (such as magnetic building tiles, Lincoln Logs), and toys that help your child acquire a new skill.
  • Each toy should have a clear “home” in your space.

It is very important to ensure your children stay engaged inside and outside of the classroom. If you have any questions about setting up a Montessori environment in your home or Montessori education, contact us today at Milton Montessori School. Our Montessori preschool and daycare services conveniently serve children in Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, and John’s Creek.

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