Help Your Child Develop Independence: 5 Ways to Apply the Montessori Method at Home

Help Your Child Develop Independence: 5 Ways to Apply the Montessori Method at Home
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Help Your Child Develop Independence: 5 Ways to Apply the Montessori Method at Home

Parents often ask us how they can extend Montessori principles from the classroom into the home to support their children’s learning and maintain consistency between school and home. Implementing the Montessori method is not just limited to the classroom. There are many ways to implement this philosophy in the home. That means that the ultimate goal for your child is independence through development, so you should try to adapt this concept into your child’s home life to facilitate his or her gradual acquisition of self-formation skills.

Here are a few Montessori tips that can be integrated into your home life with your child. You’ll notice that promoting independence is the primary theme. As parents with busy lives and limited time, we know this is hard work, but we encourage you to try a few of these Montessori strategies at home with your kids.

  1. Children are naturally developing independence, so it is the role of the adult to assist in this process. Too much help is a hindrance.
  2. Use child-friendly furniture that your child can use independently. Provide a child’s work-space, table and chair. Use a low shelf for your child’s sensory toys and art exercises, or clear off a section of a family bookshelf.
  3. Use low hooks that are accessible to your child for tools to clean up (one washcloth for wiping up spills, a duster, a broom, and a dustpan and brush). Provide child-sized tools and show your child how to safely use them.
  4. Protect concentration! Do not interrupt your child if he or she is immersed in an activity. Allowing children to concentrate builds imperative skills in focus, task completion, and self-sufficiency.
  5. Have an area for listening to music, which your child can access and operate on his or her own.

Every child is born with an inner guide, so we must provide opportunities for our children to choose, act, think and express themselves without coercion or influence. Maria Montessori wrote in Education for a New World that, “When we speak of a free child, we mean one following guidance of that nature which is powerful within him.” That means that freedom should not be interpreted as lawlessness, but rather as an indication of self-direction.

It is very important to ensure your children stay engaged inside and outside of the classroom. These 5 Montessori strategies are sure to keep them learning all season long. If you have any questions about Montessori education or the Montessori method, contact us today at Milton Montessori School. Our Montessori preschool and daycare services conveniently serve children in Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, and John’s Creek.

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