5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Montessori School

5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Montessori School
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5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Montessori School

There are several significant benefits of attending a Montessori preschool for children just starting out in the education process. The early years in a child’s life prepare him or her for years to come. Enrolling your child in school at a young age is vital to developing skills that he or she will carry on throughout his or her life. Only you can know what kind of preschool is right for your child. The Montessori method provides research and evidence supporting the techniques used in the program. Here are five reasons that you should considering if sending your child to Montessori school:montessori-preschool

  1. Centered around Key Development Stages: The Montessori core curriculum is centered around the key developmental milestones in children ranging from the ages of three to five-years-old. Three-year old’s focus on sharpening large muscle and language skills, while four -year-old’s fine-tune their motor skills and completing everyday activities, such as cooking and arts and crafts. Five-year old’s typically broaden their learning experience to their communities, through field trips and special events.
  2. Teachers assist in the learning process: Teachers in the Montessori classroom act as “guides” that are there to assist in the learning experience, rather than determine what the experience will be. Teachers will develop the curriculum based on the children in the classroom. Teachers will not determine the pace of the classroom as that is left up to individual students. Montessori teachers attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  3. Promotes cooperative play: Children in a Montessori classroom environment learn how to share and cooperate with one another. The children determine what the activities in the classroom will be throughout the day, and this tends to build a sense of community. This in turn encourages children to share and work courteously with one another to explore the various stations in the Montessori classroom.
  4. Curriculum concentrates on hands-on learning: Hands-on learning is one of the biggest benefits of the Montessori method. The emphasis is on concrete learning as opposed to abstract learning, which means that students will work on activities that teach language, math, culture and practical life lessons. Teachers promote students to focus on tasks, and discourage students from disturbing and interrupting one another. This methodology allows students to concentrate on activities until the concepts are properly grasped.
  5. Montessori Method is highly individualized to each student: Students are encouraged to explore activities and concepts at their own pace. This naturally inspires children to try more challenging activities, which hastens their learning experience. Learning occurs at a comfortable tempo for each student, instead of imposing the same pace on every student.

Your child can undoubtedly benefit from attending a Montessori preschool. If you are interested in sending your child to a Montessori school here in the Atlanta area, contact us at Milton Montessori School today. We offer an authentic Montessori experience to children in the Alpharetta area.

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